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As this is the last of this blog series, I saw it fit to end with a discussion of how the creative process can help us with closure and moving forward. Whether it’s a photograph of a bent air vent in my old home before selling it or a tattoo I designed to commemorate lessons learned from the end of a relationship, my artwork has at times been my way of marking an ending and beckoning the muse to set the stage for a new beginning. Trusting that the muse (or life process) will guide me towards my purpose, is the gift that the creative process has given me; a gift that never ceases to amaze and comfort me as I end one chapter and begin on a new path. 

For all things past and present and for what is yet to come. For lessons, regrets and mistakes, as for the good decisions and heartfelt desires. For the joys, sorrows and balance. Gratitude has the power to shift us from neutral to “go”, allowing us the space of mind and heart to explore new ideas and insights. 

Without connection, creating becomes an act of desperation. The joy is replaced with a frantic drive to produce as if to fill a void. Being in the flow of life and feeling that connection to all there is allows a wellspring of creativity to spring forth giving a sweeter taste and brighter hue to what we put out in the world. And what better place to beckon the muse from? 

It is often that I make errors in the process of creating. An underexposed image, glue that just won’t stick properly, a drawing that just doesn’t look right..what I have learned is that the old adage is true. There really are no mistakes, if we seize the opportunity to go with the flow of where the art is taking us. In that moment of “error” lies the opportunity to switch from trying to control the creative process to letting the process guide us to create. 

Feb 11, 2020

Something happens when we set the intention to create. Whether we are creating a work of art or shaping our life, the act of setting an intention unleashes a power beyond our mere comprehension. The stars align and the wheels turn to make our path fruitful. This does not mean that the road is cleared of obstacles, but just the right ones cross our way to help us create...and grow as artists. 

When we live with the muse as our guide, we begin to realize that we are always in the act of creating. The choices, decisions, desires, that flow through us become more than the punctual needs of the moment and transcend to become part of how we shape our life. And with every thought and act, we confirm our commitment to seeking higher and set our intention to only live with authenticity of vision. 

Many years ago, I came to believe that our creative urges and senses are guided by the muse. For each of us, this is a unique presence that shapes our thoughts and forms our ideas. Mine has no figure and is merely a whisper but when I pay attention it feels like a roar that can’t be silenced until I finish whatever project I’m working on. Today for this first post, I want to share my invocation to her that I developed a few weeks ago thanks to inspiration from Pam Grout’s book, Art & Soul Reloaded. 

Goddess of love, goddess of light

I’ve set my intention to create and delight

Guide my spirit, open my mind

For the highest good of all in sight

What’s your invocation and what/who is your muse?